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"The steady state and load control on this Dyno is impressive, Anyone who wants to use the Dyno for Tuning needs to try this machine out "

"I had the pleasure of testing out one of these dynos the other day the dyno is a very good unit, very easy to use with lots of features. If there is a feature that you would like added they were more than willing to incorporate the feature into a future software update which by the looks of it the software is constantly being updated. The dyno proved to be very accurate being within 1bhp of the manufacturers stated figures on the car we tested.

The dyno is also mobile and can easily be setup for Go Karts or motorbikes. Compared to other dynos i have used i would have to say this dyno is a lot better especially for ease of use and at a price point cheaper than most other dynos on the market I would highly recomend people get in touch and try out one of these dynos before making a purchase of another brand as im sure you will be pleasantly suprised."

"I had my new 2WD Dyno Developments dyno installed in January 2013 and I am hugely impressed with it. It is consistent in the results and has the best load control I have ever seen on any dyno. When you get the DD dyno, you aren’t just getting the brand and a piece of equipment, you gain access to the knowledge that is Mike Gurney. No question is ever too much trouble, and the before, during and after sales support is exactly what you need when buying and using a dyno. I previously owned a Bosch 2WD dyno and upgraded to the DD. We have run plenty of cars on the dyno now with no slip whatsoever. When tuning cars on the dyno the load control is so precise and accurate. The 'LockDown' modes are excellent and can only be customised by the factory, giving my customers the confidence in their readings. Overall massively pleased with it and looking forward to the future of Dyno Developments."